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When You're The Head of a Company

  • It's often lonely at the top. 
  • There is no roadmap for the endless decisions & countless complexities you face daily.
  • Few can relate and it’s difficult finding like-minded peers with whom you can connect.
  • You are always pouring out but rarely feel poured into.
  • You keep hitting internal roadblocks that prevent you from leveling up.
  • You struggle to balance the demands of your role with maintaining meaningful relationships.
  • You continually need to pause and gain perspective, refine your capacity, and keep moving forward.

I provide support to those who are brave enough to scale within.

What Makes My Approach Unique?

Hybrid Between Counseling + Executive Coaching

Many therapists don’t understand the world of high-performance and entrepreneurship and many executive coaches don’t have the background to help you get unsnagged from the things in your past holding you back.

A Non-Cookie-Cutter Approach

Consulting sessions serve as a place for you as the client to process through and troubleshoot challenges, regain clarity and focus, and align with your core vision.

Concrete Tools & Practical Frameworks

Self-awareness is the foundation for being able to scale within and being able to level up, because if you don’t have awareness you will always react out of old patterns. I teach a simple framework from neurobiology that helps individuals grow in self-awareness.

A Focus on Top-Down, Flipped Around Leadership

Top-Down Leaders eventually become a ceiling, limiting a company's ability to scale. Conversely, Flipped-Around Leaders function as a floor that empowers others to take things increasingly further.

Support to Grow You as Your Business Grows

I help you leverage your difficulties into opportunities for greater success and personal development. Empowering you to achieve your highest impact. I help you remove the barriers that keep you from operating out of your highest potential in this life.

Radical Self-Compassion in Leadership

Your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance and how you lead yourself matters. You need to have BOTH high expectations AND high warmth towards yourself to truly flourish.

Hi, I'm Meredith!

I help entrepreneurs and business leaders identify and overcome barriers, access their inner potential and turn challenges into opportunities for success. With 10 years of experience as a Licensed Therapist, I bring to the marketplace a deep understanding of brain neurology, individual wiring, and practical tools to enhance performance. This background helps me more quickly get to the bottom of underlying issues in order to more effectively help you advance to the next level.
More About Me
The Scaling Within framework is trusted by innovative companies.

How I can help you scale within?


Meet one-on-one to troubleshoot challenges, gain clarity, and re-align with your core vision.

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Learn self-awareness and practical tools from neurobiology that help you act from intention rather than reaction.

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The Waymaker Program is a 12-week program that equips you with the tools & support you need to thrive internally as your impact & influence grows.

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It’s one thing to have a great idea or a vision that you want to bring forth into the world. It’s another thing entirely to actually grow a business, build a functional team, manage endless drama from clients and employees, and deal with the countless other challenges that arise along the journey.

Michael Schwengel

"I have become much more confident in following my unique path of entrepreneurship and brand of leadership. "

Emma Sievers

"Before The Waymaker Program, I was at a complete stop and blocked creatively. It gave me the freedom to be and discover newly."

Ben VandenWymelenberg

"You, Meredith, have changed my life. You literally have helped me overcome one of the hardest times of my life and not only come out of it, but come out as an author."


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