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A space for high-impact leaders to troubleshoot challenges, regain clarity & focus, and level up their leadership.

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When You're a High-Impact Leader:

Hi! I'm Meredith,
founder of 
Scaling Within.

I help high-impact leaders overcome internal barriers & limiting mindsets so they can graduate to the next level of leadership. With 10+ years of experience as a Licensed Therapist (MS, LMFT) specializing in complex trauma & PTSD, I bring to the marketplace a deep understanding of brain neurology, individual wiring, & practical tools to enhance performance. Since 2017 I’ve been leveraging this background to teach clients the Scaling Within frameworks, enabling them to level up both professionally & personally. 

Scaling Within 1:1 Consulting is a Hybrid of:

Not all therapists understand the world of high-performance & entrepreneurship and not all executive coaches have the background/training to help get you unsnagged from what holds you back.

“You, Meredith, have changed my life. For f***ing real. You literally have helped me overcome one of the hardest times of my life and not only come out of it, but come out as an author. An Author, that is happy and will help others change the world. You. MEREDITH. Have done that.”

Ben VandenWymelenberg | CEO & Founder at WOODCHUCK USA + Bestselling Author + Nature Resort Builder
"Scaling Within has been one of the most important things that has happened to me in 2019. I have worked with Meredith since late 2018 and it has been so indispensable to my business and personal growth. 2019 was a very transformational year for me and Meredith and I worked through so many things- really jumping a few levels. Can't wait to continue my work with Meredith!"

Gunnar Freyr | Founder of Icelandic Explorer 
“Working with Meredith has been a breakthrough experience, both personally and professionally. In just a few short months, multiple ceilings in my life have now become floors. The concise concepts in her curriculum, along with attentive one-on-one sessions to dig into barriers, have given me the tools to break through to the next stage of my life and business.”

Natalie Standridge | CEO & Franchisor at Casa de Corazón
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Whether navigating difficult decisions within your business, concerns with employees or customers, or relational issues at home, you get to set the agenda for how to best utilize each session.


Meredith will serve as a sounding board and guide to help you process through your complex situations to gain clarity in your decision-making. She will offer insights along with concrete frameworks & practical strategies for coping with the stresses of your position, navigating complex relational dynamics, and increasing the self-awareness needed to continually grow as your business grows.

What's Included:

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“I’ve realized that I can't pour from an empty cup, so if I am depleted and don't have anyone pouring into me, I can't pour into the team. Working with Meredith has given me space to think and talk about myself and given me permission to do it on a more regular basis.”

Bryan Caporicci, CEO and Founder at Sprout Studio

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